Our Story

Our journey began in April 2011. In the beginning, we were the only start-up textiles company in Vietnam going sustainable and struggling to stick with the original aim since sustainability concept was still quite new in Vietnam back then.

Nonetheless, with persistence and dedication, we eventually overcame the challenges then grew to become one of the strongest sustainable textile company in Vietnam. We have this prosperity thanks to our founder, Mr. Dave Quach, whom had the experience of living, studying and working in New Zealand for more than 10 years. Mr. Quach values the harmony between nature and society. In addition, having a family with a long history in the textile industry, he received countless support in the field. Moreover, we are honoured to notice the possibilities of sustainable textiles along with the advantages they would bring to the world. Thus, we are passionate to make its available to everyone.



These fabrics are special as well as sustainable. However, it need the right owner who is appreciate its uniqueness to bring out its full potential.


Our Recycle collection consists of fabric made from recycled yarn with Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification.


Within this collection is a variety of organic fabric composition that have Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification which are made without using synthetic or harmful chemicals and finished by using organic plant-based dyes.


In this collection we have a variety of compositions and yarn production technic ranging from Gy19 fabric, Space dye strip fabric, AB effect fabric, etc.


In this collection introduces sustainable man-made fabrics which is made of biodegradable yarn produced from close loop system cellulosic yarn.


Our Promise

We are visioning a future where sustainable clothing can be as commonly used as regular clothing and everyone can enjoy their sustainable lifestyle in harmony with the environment.

Our Business Philosophy

Moreover, W.ELL Fabric also committed to donate 40% of its annual profit to the community through the local Non-profit Organizations (NPOs) to help protecting the nature and contributing to the society.


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