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Fashion go Green, start from GreenYarn

Innovative sustainable fabrics for the W.ELL being of our future

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W.ELL Fabric accompanies the growth of sustainable fashion by researching and developing accessible and enjoyable eco-fabrics produced in Vietnam. We provide fabric finishes & treatments to enhance its looks and qualities like UV resistance, Antiviral…

Premium Quality Protects Human

To accelerate the growth of sustainable fashion by developing eco-fabric accessible and enjoyable, we provide fabric finishes & treatments to enhance its looks and qualities like UV resistant, Antiviral…

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Available, Wholesale Price

There are plenty of options for eco-friendly fabrics, with samples readily available to try out.


WELL Fabric consists of passionate team members, with over 11 years of experience in fabrics and yarns development. We work with a network of more than 30 fabric production mills, 9 fabric finishing mills, and 5 yarn production mills for fabric research, development, and production. Manufactured entirely in Vietnam, our fabric lines continuously improve to meet the trends. Also, we collaborate with HCMUT University and UIH University to conduct research on new textile materials and fabric treatments.

Minimum Order Quantity

Made-to-order MOQ: 1,000 kg in knitting fabric and 6000 meters in woven fabric, can be dyed in 4 colors.On running MOQ: - Initial sampling 5 meters - After sampling 10 meters.Sampling can only be done once per color per item. Ongoing sampling of the same item is subject to approval


Our products and manufacturing processes in Vietnam hold various green certifications, ensuring quality standards such as GOTs, GRS, Oeko-tex 100, Blue Sign, and UVYarnTech tags

Support & Evolve With Our Clients

Beyond mere listening, we embark on a journey of growth with our partners and clients, nurturing the collaborations from the initial concept to the finished product. For clients, we’re continuously engaged in research and development, to enhance our methods and technology, all in the pursuit of delivering newer, higher-quality made in Vietnam products.

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Click to receive sample