W.ELL Fabric is present at the Global Sourcing Fair 2023

The Global Sourcing Fair 2023 (GSF 2023) is an important event for the manufacturing and processing industries worldwide, organized for the first time in Vietnam. And the textile and garment industry is one of the fields that receives much attention from domestic and foreign businesses. It is also one of the most attractive industries in this event, providing businesses and experts in the textile and garment industry with the opportunity to introduce their latest products and services, seek new business opportunities, as well as to learn and exchange experiences with leading experts.


Balancing the Costs and Design of Eco Fabrics

Our focus is promoting the growth of Eco fabrics through innovation and managing cost. Given the current market conditions, eco fabric is expensive and difficult to find. There are not many varieties and designs. This situation makes it difficult for fashion designers to make beautiful and attractive designs. Therefore we are an Eco fabric supplier in Vietnam that is constantly looking for ways to innovate in production or raw material sourcing. We are committed to lowering the costs by manufacturing in Asia without sacrificing the environment or society. We spend time and money on research and development so that you can get new samples every year in your hands to feel the touch, drape and weight of the fabric before you sketch your beautiful design and make it into sexy and attractive garments.

Offsetting Our Carbon Footprint

Mass manufacturing impacts the environment and society at an alarming rate. But manufacturing is humanity’s way of life and to stop it entirely is impractical. There is hope. To Bao Lan, the way is not back to the stone age where everything is manufactured by hand, it is actually the opposite. W.ELL Fabric aims to upgrade to a better way: to conscious manufacturing, to conscious innovating and conscious sourcing. We understand and acknowledge that every action we take no matter big or small will cost the environment some how, therefore we work hard to make ourselves more efficient to improve our value to the world and to offset our carbon footprint.

How can we introduce you to Eco fabrics in Vietnam?

Hi, we are W.ELL Fabric, a division of Bao Lan Textiles. Are you looking for an Eco fabric supplier in Vietnam? Our textile technicians produce Eco fabrics in Vietnam for both domestic and foreign brands. We love the challenge of sourcing new and innovative fabrics that have a sustainable story. We work hard to innovate and introduce new fabrics to the market each year. More importantly, we understand the hassle and pain of sourcing the right fabrics and ordering a small quantity for sampling. We help our customers by taking the risk to produce readymade fabric in basic colors so brands and designers can buy small quantity. We sell our stock fabric by the meter so you can make samples easily. We hope you will find a fabric from our collection that is suitable for your sustainable designs.

Eco-Consciousness is Growing in Vietnam

We see more and more Vietnamese people becoming Eco-conscious which makes us very happy. We support two organizations that do a great job of raising awareness: Gaia and Vietnam Sach va Xanh.  It is our pleasure, as an Eco fabric supplier in Vietnam, to support these sincere and professional organizations.


Gaia is a nature conservation organization in Vietnam that we support. Gaia was established in 2016 by the Vietnam Union of Sciences and Technologies Associations. Every Eco fabric supplier in Vietnam should know about Gaia. The Gaia founders are a group of biologists and environmentalists led by Ms. Huyen. She has worked in nature education and communications in Vietnam for over 17 years. She understands Vietnam’s natural beauty and she is committed to stopping biodiversity degradation. Learn more at their website.


Vietnam Sach va Xanh is another environmentally active organization in Vietnam that we support. Their goal is to keep Vietnam clean and green. They raise awareness about the litter and trash problem in Vietnam. Learn more at their website.

Being Eco Starts with Education

Being Eco starts with education. That is why we invite professors specializing in organic dyeing to teach us as you see in the picture here. We can all choose to manufacture responsibly if we educate ourselves. Factory owners can educate themselves about manufacturing options and choose materials and processes that do the least harm to the environment. Being Eco means being educated about the science of manufacturing and making choices that have the least impact on the environment and society. We are not perfect but we will continue learning and improving ourselves to be a great eco fabric supplier in Vietnam.

What type of fabric are you interested in?

In 2011, the first product we sold was recycled melange yarn. Melange was interesting to us because melange yarn is top dyed and uses less water than traditional dye vat dyeing. Are you interested in Melange fabric? We are an eco fabric supplier in Vietnam that started off by selling striped melange yarn, silo spun melange yarn and organic recycled melange yarn that uses top dyed yarn. Our goal was to continue promoting Eco fabrics more and more. When demand for Eco fabrics picked up around 2018 we started researching sources of bamboo, organic cotton, tencel yarns. In 2020, we developed sources for recycled polyester, recycled cotton, coffee…Enter 2022, there are more to come. Send us your technical specifications and we will start checking availability and price for the fabric you want.

Flexible and Innovative Supply Chain

Our strength as an eco fabric supplier in Vietnam is in product development and flexibility with ready stock eco fabrics. Long ago we focused on research and innovation of new sustainable textiles and production processing. Our company has a yarn division named Greenyarn where we get all our sustainable yarn and a wide network of more than 50 commission knitting factories, 5 weaving factories, and 3 dyeing factories. We work closely with textile producer factories and universities to continually innovate and improve. We try to introduce and promote new material every year so that brands can have up-to-date trendy and fashionable sustainable fabrics. We work to improve the production process to manage cost so that a more reasonably priced sustainable fabric can be available to everyone. Talk to us, an eco fabric supplier in Vietnam and get answers.


MOQ stands for minimum order quantity. It is the minimum amount our suppliers require us to order. MOQ for large volume production for knit is 1,000 kg 4 colorways. That is 250 kg per color. For woven, our MOQ is 5,000 meters. That is 1,000 meters per color.

Our clients start by buying small quantities of fabrics. To be a flexible eco fabric supplier in Vietnam, we carry stock fabric in basic colors and sell as little as 1 meter. If, later, you order a large quantity of the same fabric, then we will credit you the difference between the small quantity price and large quantity price. We typically produce 2 stock colors of all our fabrics, white and black. We can send you a price quotation with all the details. That is how we work as an eco fabric supplier in Vietnam.

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Coporate Social Responsibility

Moreover, W.ELL Fabric also committed to donate annual profit to the community through the local Non-profit Organizations (NPOs) to help protecting the nature and contributing to the society.

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We are the go-to eco fabric supplier in Vietnam standing by to support you. As a proactive Eco fabric supplier in Vietnam, we are always looking for ways to deliver affordable Eco fabrics to small and medium sized brands in Vietnam and abroad.

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Conscious consumption

Knowing what you buy and choose it’s wisely, because sustainable lifestyle can be very simple its can be just a matter of choice. Also when more consumer choose sustainable products than more supplier switch to sustainable


Conscious disposal

Careful disposal is vital for the environment, as there are many harmful material not only damage to the ecosystem but also harming to our live.


Conscious sourcing

Understand and verify and choose only sustainable material for production can save a lot environmental issue. Whereas the cost to the environment out weight any cost because it is directly affecting our future


Conscious production

Produce with responsibility and knowledge, understand that our product come with a cost to the environment. Try hard and fight hard to cut down this cost and aiming for a fully environmentally friendly manufacture.


Conscious innovation

Invent with a cause, because making a better product is no longer enough. Innovator need to consider the environmental cause of their invention as well.