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On July 28, 2023, Bao Lan Textile warmly welcomed a special delegation from MBA Portland University to visit and exchange knowledge about the textile industry and sustainable development in this field. This noteworthy event provided us with an opportunity to share with MBA students our passion and relentless efforts in creating sustainable and environmentally-friendly fabric products, contributing to the establishment of a sustainable textile industry.


Bao Lan Textile is one of the leading textile companies committed to producing high-quality products while protecting the environment. We take pride in being a manufacturer of sustainable fabric fibers such as bamboo, pineapple, organic cotton, and recycled poly, offering a diverse and safe selection of fabrics for consumers.

Product cotton fiber

During this special visit, the MBA delegation had the chance to experience and learn about the fabric production process, from raw materials to finished products. The transformation of fibers into high-quality fabrics was thoroughly presented by our team of experienced engineers and textile experts at Bao Lan Textile. This allowed the MBA students to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies and high quality of the fabric production process at our company.

MBA Portland University x wellfabric

Moreover, the delegation had the opportunity to engage in direct discussions and Q&A sessions with Mr. Dave Quach, the founder and CEO of Bao Lan Textile. Their inquiries regarding the technology and manufacturing philosophy of Bao Lan were answered comprehensively and in detail. This not only provided the MBA students with a better understanding of the company and the textile industry but also offered them profound insights into current sustainable market trends.

talk show with Dave

CEO wellfabric and Portland university

Bao Lan Textile would like to extend sincere gratitude to MBA Portland University for taking the precious time to visit and learn about our company. We hope that this meeting has provided valuable knowledge and insights to the MBA students. We firmly believe that the updated knowledge will empower them to gain a deeper understanding of the textile industry and drive sustainable development in this sector.

Student MBA Portland University

mini talk show with Portland

CustomerPortland University x wellfabric

Bao Lan Textile always welcomes visiting delegations and looks forward to sharing our experiences and knowledge with everyone. Feel free to contact us for opportunities to experience the fascinating world of the textile industry and sustainable development. We are committed to continuing our relentless efforts to lead Vietnam’s textile industry further along the path of sustainability and development.

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