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Top 7 Brands of Bamboo Clothing for Women of 2023

Top Brands of Bamboo Clothing for Women of 2023

Are you looking for reliable and high-quality bamboo clothing brands for women? Let’s explore the list of “Top 7 Brands of Bamboo Clothing for Women” to discover excellent choices that bring comfort and sustainable style to your everyday life.

WELL Fabric will introduce top-notch brands with diverse, quality, and adorable products, while also honoring environmental protection and love for nature.

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1. Women’s Bamboo Clothing offers numerous advantages

Women’s bamboo clothing is a unique fabric with many special features. This fabric is made from rapidly renewable bamboo plants and is capable of meeting durability needs while being environmentally friendly.

+ Thanks to its unique fiber structure, bamboo clothing has excellent resistance to wear and UV protection.

+ Moreover, natural bamboo fabric does not use harmful chemicals during production, making it safe and skin-friendly.

+ Softness and comfort are prominent features when using bamboo clothing. The gentle and pleasant feeling against women’s skin ensures comfort throughout the day.

+ The moisture-wicking and sweat-removing properties of bamboo clothing help maintain a dry and comfortable feeling. No worries about getting soaked during hot days and feeling at ease during physical activities.

+ The popular styles and designs in women’s bamboo clothing are also diverse and plentiful. From elegant shirts to feminine dresses, bamboo clothing offers a wide range of style choices for every woman.

With outstanding advantages in durability and environmental friendliness, bamboo clothing is becoming a preferred choice for those who care about sustainability.

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2. The Hottest Brands for Bamboo Clothing for Women Right Now

2.1. Spun Bamboo

Spun Bamboo

+ Categories: T-shirts, Tank tops, Dresses, Hooded Sweatshirts, Long Sleeves, Yoga pants, Bikini, Thongs, Shawls, Socks…

+ From: Singapore

+ Price Range: $10-$100

+ Website:

“Spun Bamboo” is a women’s bamboo clothing brand, cared for by the owners Olga Bautina and Kamila Manzo. They are environmentally conscious and pioneers in supporting sustainable initiatives.

With the aim of promoting a green and healthy lifestyle worldwide, the brand has chosen to use bamboo – the fastest-renewing natural resource – to create environmentally-friendly fashion products. By combining comfort and performance, Spun Bamboo products provide customers with a natural, comfortable, and safe experience for their well-being.

Join Spun Bamboo to explore a world where clothing is worn in a natural and sustainable way!

2.2. Sivana – bamboo clothing for women

sivanaspirit bamboo clothing for women

+ Categories: Dresses, Pants, Skirt, Tank, Tunics, Tee…

+ From: California

+ Price Range: $25-$200

+ Website:

SIVANA is a brand specializing in women’s bamboo clothing, committed to providing comfort and natural style to its users. With a focus on sustainability and well-being, SIVANA has chosen bamboo fabric – a rapidly renewable natural resource.

With a focus on quality and durability, SIVANA’s products are designed to provide a sense of comfort and ease for the wearer. With bamboo’s unique characteristics such as moisture-wicking, natural antibacterial properties, and UV protection, clothing from SIVANA not only boosts confidence in daily activities but also keeps you feeling natural and comfortable all day long.

Moreover, SIVANA values environmental protection and uses environmentally-friendly production and packaging processes. By choosing to buy products from SIVANA, you are contributing to environmental protection and building a sustainable future for the planet.

Explore and experience the comfort and natural style of bamboo clothing from SIVANA, to immerse yourself in a lovely and refined green and healthy lifestyle!

2.3. Boody

body bamboo clothing for women

+ Categories: Sleepwear, Loungewear, Accessories, socks, active wear…


+ Price Range: $21-$200

+ Website:

Boody is a specialized brand offering bamboo clothing for women, from basic everyday products to comfortable designs, all created with the goal of making customers feel satisfied.

With a dedication to sustainability and quality, Boody believes that comfort not only brings satisfaction to the wearer but also contributes to the satisfaction of the planet. The brand focuses on simple design, using eco-friendly materials, and sustainable production processes.

By using exquisite bamboo fibers, Boody offers products that are super soft, comfortable, breathable, and sustainable for everyday wear. Boody’s vision goes beyond providing quality clothing for customers; it also works for an environmentally-aware community. All to ensure that both people and the planet are always put first.

With a commitment to minimizing production waste and using organic bamboo, Boody ensures not only comfort for customers but also contributes to the sustainability of the environment.

Boody not only offers comfortable bamboo clothing but also brings a message of love and care for the environment. The brand hopes to receive support and trust from customers, so explore Boody’s bamboo clothing collection – a perfect combination of convenience and comfort for your daily lifestyle!

2.4. Hara

harathelabel womens bamboo clothing

+ Categories: Sleepwear, Loungewear, Accessories, socks, activewear…

+ From: Australia

+ Price Range: $23-$55

+ Website:

“Hara” is an Australian brand specializing in Loungewear, Bra Tops, and lingerie made from bamboo fabric exclusively for women. Hara’s products bring comfort and superior style. By using sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo fabric, Hara is committed to leading a sustainable revolution in the fashion industry.

Hara’s Loungewear, Bra Tops, and lingerie not only make women feel confident and comfortable every day but also demonstrate respect and love for nature. With a combination of quality, beautiful designs, and natural bamboo fabric, Hara creates exciting and relaxing experiences for all ladies.

Join Hara to enjoy the perfect harmony of comfort and style in every moment of your life.

2.5. Headcovers


+ Categories: Cap, T-shirt, Jacket, Pants, Dress.

+ From: United States

+ Price Range: $25-$60

+ Website:

“Headcovers” is a brand specialized in offering women’s clothing made from bamboo fabric. It was founded after an emotional experience by the founder when facing cancer and hair loss due to treatment.

Headcovers aimed to bring change and awareness to human and environmental issues in the fashion industry while providing head covers and beauty clothing for women. With the goal of creating sustainable, comfortable, and fashionable products, Headcovers confidently introduced its collection of women’s clothing made from bamboo – a beautiful and eco-friendly natural choice.

By designing and selecting products that meet the needs of women experiencing hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, lupus, and various medical conditions, Headcovers brings confidence and satisfaction to its customers.

Additionally, with a heartfelt commitment to supporting the community and providing better living conditions for those in need, Headcovers truly represents a meaningful, respectful, and trustworthy brand.

2.6. Terrera – bamboo clothing for women

terrera ca

+ Categories: Shorts, Lounge Set, Long Sleeve, New Bodywear, Sleepwear…

+ From: Canada

+ Price Range: $30-$45

+ Website:

Terrera is a fashion brand specializing in offering women’s clothing made from bamboo fabric, designed in Canada.

Terrera’s history began in 2007, at a time when the use of sustainable sources in the Canadian fashion industry was just emerging. The brand was founded with a mission to create environmentally-friendly, easy-to-wear garments suitable for all women. Initially, they were known as “LNBF-Leave Nothing But Footprints.”

From then until now, Terrera has continuously grown and continued to produce sustainable family clothing for everyone. In 2020, the brand changed its name from LNBF to Terrera to reflect its development and vision.

With a female-led team, Terrera designs annual collections with easy-to-wear styles, using high-quality natural fibers including bamboo, organic cotton, and Tencel.

Terrera believes the Earth is a precious gift, so they use more sustainable fabrics than conventional ones. All of their products, from threads, buttons, seams to dyes, are free from harmful substances and certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Terrera not only cares about producing environmentally-friendly products but also cares about the people involved in the production process. They build long-term relationships with partners from farms, factories to production workshops to develop and maintain livelihoods for everyone.

All of Terrera’s overseas partner factories are checked to ensure they exceed national standards for health and safety, working conditions, and labor protection.

Terrera is not only focused on business but also committed to contributing to the community. They honor an outstanding woman each year through the “Earth Award” and support her in carrying out projects towards a sustainable environment for the future.

Additionally, they also support various charitable and social organizations, standing alongside the community and contributing to the development and care of everyone.

With premium bamboo fabric and a sustainable vision, Terrera not only brings comfort to the wearer but also demonstrates a commitment to loving the Earth and the community.

2.7. Blue Sky – bamboo clothing for women

blueskyclothingco bamboo women's clothing

+ Categories: Skorts/Shorts, Leggings, Pants, Underwear, Women’s Socks

+ From: Canada

+ Price Range: $25-$80

+ Website:

Blue Sky is a fair-trade brand. At Blue Sky, everyone from fabric cutters and batik artists in Bali to sewers in China is treated ethically, with care, and respect.

Blue Sky specializes in natural fibers, including bamboo, cotton, linen, wool, cashmere, and modal. These fabrics are durable, feel comfortable on the skin, and have a smaller environmental impact compared to synthetic fibers.

The brand designs clothes from size XXS to 4X, allowing everyone to feel comfortable and confident in their style.

3. Promoting Environmental Protection and Recycling Trends

Supporting bamboo clothing brands is of significant importance in environmental protection. By choosing to wear bamboo clothing, we contribute to reducing waste and the consumption of natural resources. Bamboo fabric is a rapidly renewable resource, helping to minimize negative impacts on the environment.

To further promote sustainability, we also need to guide effective usage and recycling of bamboo clothing. By caring for and preserving our clothing diligently, we can extend the lifespan of the products and reduce fashion industry waste.

Let’s take action together to protect the environment and promote the recycling trend with bamboo clothing, aiming for a more sustainable and greener future for our planet.

4. Final Thoughts

Above is the list of the Top 7 Brands of Bamboo Clothing for Women. Each brand offers high-quality, durable, and eco-friendly products.

With their diversity and pioneering use of natural bamboo fabric, these brands have proven that sustainable fashion not only meets your aesthetic and comfort needs but also contributes to environmental protection.

Let’s choose intriguing and meaningful outfits from these excellent bamboo clothing brands to honor the beauty of nature and preserve our planet.

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