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Hi, thanks for showing an interest in small quantity space dye stripe fabric for sale in Vietnam. Below are examples of space dye textiles available in HCMC. If you don’t see your exact fabric then let’s work together to design it. Ask us about our fabric development services. Our sustainable fabric technicians based in Ho Chi Minh City have experience producing space dye stripe fabric for sale in Vietnam.

A few years ago, we started focusing on Eco friendly fabrics like space dye stripe fabric. The journey has been challenging because yarn suppliers have very high minimum order quantities (MOQ). For example a typical MOQ for space dye yarn is 5,000 kg. This quantity will make around 15,000 meters of fabric. Is it too much for you? If yes, don’t worry, we have a solution. We have available stock of Eco yarns in our sister company www.greenyarn.vn to accommodate small orders. Contact us for more details about space dye stripe fabric for sale in Vietnam.

Name: Space Dye Stripe knitted

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Small quantity space dye stripe fabric for sale in Vietnam.

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Space dye for the space age!

Space dyeing is the process of dyeing of yarn in which multiple colors are applied along the length of each strand of yarn. Theses strands may or may not repeat after a fixed interval, giving the yarn a unique multi-colored effect. Usually a typical skein (length of thread or yarn that is loosely coiled and knotted) will have a consistent color throughout, however the skein of space dyed fabrics can have multiple colors that typically repeat themselves throughout the length of the yarn. This repetition and random color blocks in the skein will often form very unique and interesting patterns. Ask us about small quantity space dye stripe fabric for sale in Vietnam – we are here to make fabric for you.

What is special about space dyeing?

The space dyeing process has a unique stage that uses a substance called a ‘Mordant’ that allows multiple dyes to stick to the substrate or skein. Mordant is a metal molecule with a valency of two or higher (usually three) that is used in the dyeing process to permanently create very strong bonds that are highly resistant to water and therefore create an extremely durable product. This process can either be applied prior to dyeing (onchrome), during the dyeing process (metachrome), or in the post-dyeing (afterchrome). We promote small quantity space dye stripe fabric for sale in Vietnam and can you help you source it.

How we can make it eco?

Space dyed clothing is more durable than regular dyed fabrics. This means that color retention is greater and therefore the full life of the finished product is longer and more eco friendly.

What space dye processes are there?

Knit-De-Knit Process
In the knit-de-knit process, the yarn is first knitted into tubular fabrics (socks) and then overall length of all loops is dyed to a solid color. All solid-colored dyed loops of tubular knitted fabric are dyed with up to seven different colors. After dyeing, tubular fabrics are passed through an ager, where they are steamed for 3-10 minutes in saturated steam. Mordant is used to chemically bond the dye with skein. This is followed by rinsing, washing, finishing and drying.

Warp Yarn Printing/Dyeing Process
Warp yarn printing is roller printing applied to multiple strands of yarns from the warp system which are continuously printed at specific space intervals with different colors. These yarns have usually long spaces of each color. Typical color length is 3-7 inches.

Pot Skein Dyeing Process
Skein is added to the pot (dye bath) having water before turning on the heat. This helps in the reduction of movement of dye in the dye bath when added, enabling maximal separation between the colors. Water present in the pot is boiled and skein is adjusted in the pot with a spoon.

Package Form Dyeing Process
Various package dyeing machines , with a single package dyeing capacity are available in which we can dye up to 8 colors , each color is having a different feed tank as well as a injector pump. The color is injected at a fixed place at a high pressure and collected through a vacuum. The resulting package has different patches having different colors which may or may not be at fixed intervals and, hence space dyed yarns are obtained.

Hank Form Dyeing Process
This is similar process to produce tie dye (Tie dye is a technique for dying natural fabrics that results in interesting, colorful patterns) effects in knitting yarn and embroidery threads.

Continuous Dyeing Process and Spraying of colors onto the skeins of yarn
In the continuous yarn dyeing process, the yarn is dyed as a single or plied yarn and color is applied by air jet. This process allows for yarn to have either long or short spaces of color.

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We offer small quantity space dye stripe fabric for sale in Vietnam.

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