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Fashion Rob My Future Talk Show



For some of us hanging out with like minded people is fun even if the topic is a bit dry like sustainability in the textile industry. This Friday evening in Ho Chi Minh City there will be a fashion sustainability talk show hosted by W.ELL Fabric. Over 100 people have bought tickets to hear three industry experts talk about sustainable apparel production methods as well as products they are using like organic dyes and biodegradable polybags. Textile sustainability networking in Vietnam is gaining popularity. If you are interested then get ready for the next event. Fashion Rob My Future Talk Show

The talk show discussions will focus on the harm of the fashion industry and opportunities in sustainable fashion. Speakers will present data about consumer behaviors in regards to sustainability.  Speakers will share real life experiences about sustainable production. Upcoming projects will be introduced like Fashion Do Good and tree planting expeditions.Fashion Rob My Future Talk Show

The ugly side of fashion has been a hot topic in the news lately. Topics like fast fashion, unsustainable uses of resources, soil poisoning, micro-plastics, fashion waste, dangerous labour practices and pesticides are being talked about by sustainable fashion experts around the world. Questions like how is the fashion industry destroying our planet? What can be done to continue producing fashion without polluting our environment? What solutions exist in Vietnam to move towards a sustainable fashion future? Join textile sustainability networking in Vietnam events to get answers and make new like minded friends.Fashion Rob My Future Talk Show

The event will host several actors of sustainable fashion in Vietnam. Ms Thu Vu will be speaking. She is a fashion adviser and founder of Coco Dressing Room – a sustainable fashion and second-hand clothes boutique business. Mrs Huyen Do, representative of the non-profit organization called Gaia Nature Conservation will be speaking. Mrs Thao Vu, owner and head designer of sustainable fashion design brand Kilomet109 will be sharing her stories about dyeing with local minority businesses. Mr Dave Quach, founder of sustainable and eco fabric firm W.ellFabric will be sharing his latest products like coffee fabric and bamboo charcoal. And Ms Thai Minh Chau, founder of Phuc Hung Books, whose mission is to tell simple and sincere stories about real life will be the master of ceremonies.Fashion Rob My Future Talk Show

W.ELL Fabric is a team of textile technicians developing and selling fabrics with an Eco story. They are sponsoring the talk show to discuss sustainability questions and brainstorm practical solutions for sustainable textile manufacturing in Vietnam. Their objective is to promote local sustainable fashion brands and help people take action towards sustainable fashion in order to preserve nature. Textile sustainability networking in Vietnam is the chance to let the local community know what you are doing to be green.

Fashion is the second most polluting industry behind oil. Fashion is doing a great job at robbing future generations of clean air, clean water and clean soil. Fashion can still remain in the frame , but “rob” must be taken out of the picture. Sustainable fashion experts in Vietnam want to take action and the first step is education. Join textile sustainability networking in Vietnam events to know what you can do here and now to preserve clean air, water and soil in Vietnam.

Join the talk show and understand how the fashion industry is destroying our planet. Learn from sustainable fashion experts in Vietnam who are taking action now. Discover opportunities for green fashion and find solutions to become more sustainable as you take your brand green. Come listen to major players of sustainable fashion in Vietnam. Meet people who want to make our planet a better place. ? Are you a sustainable fashion expert who wants to expand your network in Vietnam? Fashion Rob My Future Talk Show

Fashion Rob My Future is business and social event. The money collected from the entry tickets will fund the planting of 1,000 trees in Cà Mau by the non-profit organization Gaia. ? Entry fee is: 200,000 VND.

Are you a brand owner, fashion designer or merchandiser? Are you an environmentally conscious student looking for a sustainable career path? Are you a sustainable fashion consumer? Or are you just interested to find out more about the challenges of sustainability in manufacturing? If you are any of these then this textile sustainability networking in Vietnam event is for you. See you there.Fashion Rob My Future Talk Show

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