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How to Care for Bamboo Fabric: Essential Tips and Tricks

How to Care for Bamboo Fabric Essential Tips and Tricks

To ensure the longevity of your garments, it is essential to know how to care for bamboo fabric. At WELL FABRIC, we understand the importance of proper maintenance, and we are here to provide you with valuable tips and techniques on washing and caring for your bamboo fabric clothing.

Join us as we delve into the following article, dedicated to guiding you in preserving the quality of your beloved bamboo garments.

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1. Machine Washing Bamboo Clothing

how to care for bamboo fabric - Machine Washing

When washing your bamboo clothing in a washing machine, follow these steps on how to care for bamboo fabric:

Step 1: Pre-treat stains before machine washing

To remove stains from bamboo fabric, you can use enzyme-based stain removers or a small amount of strong detergent commonly used for laundry while still ensuring safety. Pour a small amount of the solution onto the stained area and let it soak for about 15 minutes before washing. For specific types of stains, follow the instructions specific to that type of stain.


Bamboo fabric can be weakened by chlorine bleach. For heavy stains or when whitening or brightening the fabric, use an oxygen-based bleach. For bamboo fabric bed sheets and towels that need to be sanitized, choose a disinfectant containing pine oil or phenolic.

Step 2: Select the appropriate cycle and water temperature

For bamboo fabric clothing, choose the gentlest washing cycle to protect the softness of the material. The normal cycle can be used for bamboo bed sheets.

+ When washing lightly stained bamboo clothing, use cold water.

+ For heavily soiled items like bamboo bed sheets and towels, select a warm water temperature on the washing machine.

+ Avoid using hot water for regular washing of bamboo clothing, as this can cause shrinkage.

Note: In most cases, machine-washed bamboo fabric may experience some shrinkage, but don’t worry, control the water temperature between 20-30 degrees Celsius to avoid sudden fabric shrinkage.

Step 3: Place the clothes in a separate laundry bag

To avoid tangling and pilling of the clothes, remember to button up and zip up all buttons and zippers and turn the clothes inside out before putting them in the washing machine.

To prevent excessive agitation of the laundry bag, you should control the spin speed of the washing machine at a level between 700-800 revolutions per minute.

Step 4: Drying and Line-Drying

Bamboo clothing and bed sheets should be dried flat on a folding rack indoors or hung on a clothesline outside to dry quickly and straighten out.

Knitted bamboo sweaters and accessories should be laid flat to dry to avoid stretching. If you need to expedite the drying process, use the low heat cycle of a dryer. Remove the fabric when it is still slightly damp. High temperatures in the dryer can cause shrinkage of the bamboo fabric.

2. How to care for bamboo fabric – Hand Washing

How to care for bamboo fabric - Hand Washing

Prepare warm or cold water with a temperature above 20 degrees Celsius and place the bamboo clothing in the water. To prevent sudden fabric shrinkage and maintain the durability of the clothing, choose warm water but not too cold.

When hand washing, gently agitate and avoid vigorous rubbing, as this can stretch the delicate bamboo fibers and cause them to tear when subjected to a force of about 30kg (especially men tend to use excessive force to wring out clothes).

3. Drying bamboo clothing

Drying bamboo clothing

Bamboo clothing has a special feature of exceptional absorbency, which is an excellent characteristic of bamboo fibers and the reason why they are widely used in products like towels and wipes. However, this absorbency can make the drying process take longer, especially for people who are frequently on the move or traveling (but if you’re at home, you don’t need to worry about this).

Here’s a guide to drying bamboo clothing:

+ Set your dryer to the shortest time setting, typically around 20 to 30 minutes,

+ And then lay the bamboo clothing flat on a surface to allow moisture and remaining dampness to evaporate. You can also stretch the bamboo clothing and hang it on a clothesline as usual.

4. How to care for bamboo fabric – Ironing

ironing bamboo fabric

For many people, clothes always need to be ironed to create a neat and tidy appearance. Luckily, bamboo clothes and products don’t require too much ironing. In fact, if you iron bamboo clothing, it tends to wrinkle less compared to regular cotton fabric.

+ However, if you want to iron bamboo clothing, keep the iron temperature low. If necessary, use a dry iron (without steam) at a low heat setting.

+ High temperatures during ironing can cause bamboo fibers to burn. Singeing or yellowing of bamboo fibers can occur when the fibers start to burn. While some color changes may be removable, the burned fibers cannot be restored.

5. Stain removal tips for bamboo fabric

Learn how to care for bamboo fabric and keep it looking its best!

Properly addressing stains on bamboo fabric is essential for maintaining its cleanliness and aesthetic appeal. Dark-colored bamboo fabric, in particular, is prone to oily stains. To successfully eliminate oil stains from bamboo fabric, follow these steps:

+ Begin by using a mild dishwashing liquid combined with hot water to treat the stain.

+ If the aforementioned method proves ineffective, consider soaking the stained area in a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water for a few minutes. Subsequently, proceed to wash the fabric with cold water to prevent exacerbating the stain.

6. Mending and repairing rips in bamboo fabric

Mending and repairing rips in bamboo fabric

When bamboo fabric gets ripped, properly sewing and repairing it is crucial to restore its durability. Since bamboo fabric is primarily a synthetic fiber, it can lose some of its strength and is susceptible to tearing when exposed to water. To ensure the best repair, use polyester thread and a sharp needle when sewing the rip, whether by hand or with a sewing machine. This helps ensure a secure seam and creates a meticulous repair, helping the bamboo fabric return to its original state.

7. How to care for bamboo fabric: proper storage tips

proper storage tips

To best preserve bamboo clothing and fabric, apply the following methods.

+ Firstly, when storing bamboo shirts, hang them in a wardrobe to avoid wrinkles. When folding clothes, avoid creating sharp creases or overcrowding them in one drawer, as this can break the fabric’s fibers.

+ Additionally, bamboo fabric needs to breathe. So, avoid storing bamboo sheets and bedspreads in plastic boxes, as it can cause mold formation and yellowing of the fabric.

8. FAQ

8.1. How to bleach and clean stains on bamboo fabric?

Bamboo fabric is prone to abnormal color staining from various external factors. Avoid washing white bamboo clothing with many other types of clothes.

Bamboo fabric is not suitable for using strong, toxic laundry chemicals as they can deform the fabric’s fiber structure. WELL FABRIC recommends embracing eco-friendly laundry detergents to keep your clothes in the best condition.

8.2. Should fabric softener be used for bamboo fabric?

Bamboo fabric is naturally soft (one of the softest fabrics available), and using chemicals or physical components can affect the functionality and properties of the fibers.

Using fabric softener can create a chemical film on the fabric’s surface, reducing breathability and sweat absorption of bamboo garments.

8.3. How often should bamboo fabric be washed?

The frequency of washing bamboo clothing and fabric has some notable factors. With the antibacterial properties of bamboo fabric, you can reduce the washing frequency and keep the clothes fresh for a longer time.

In fact, if they are not dirty or have an unpleasant odor, you can wear them six to eight times before needing to wash them again. This not only saves time and water but also protects the bamboo fibers from potential damage caused by the washing and drying process. Pay attention to the necessity of washing and take advantage of the antibacterial benefits of bamboo fabric to maintain the freshness of your clothes for longer.

9. Conclusion

In conclusion, taking care of your bamboo fabric is easy and rewarding. By following simple guidelines on how to care for bamboo fabric, you can ensure its longevity and enjoy the numerous benefits it offers. With a little extra care, your bamboo wardrobe will remain durable and beautiful for years to come.

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