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Explore 11 Men’s Bamboo Clothing Brands: Sustainable Fashion

Explore 11 Men’s Bamboo Clothing Brands

Bamboo clothing for men has gradually become a popular and practical choice in today’s fashion world. With the increasing trend of focusing on environmental protection and human health, using this type of fabric not only provides comfort and style but also contributes to protecting our planet. Thanks to the combination of environmental friendliness and outstanding durability, men’s bamboo clothing is gradually changing how we perceive men’s fashion and how we maximize the use of natural resources.

Why Choose Bamboo Clothing for Men

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1. Why Choose Bamboo Clothing for Men?

Clothing made from bamboo fabric is gaining popularity and is favored by many. This is not only due to the fashion it brings but also because of the excellent benefits that bamboo fabric provides. Below are the reasons why you should choose bamboo clothing for men:

Advantages of Men's Bamboo Clothing

With its superior environmental and health benefits, bamboo clothing is an excellent choice for modern men. It not only offers stylish fashion but also honors the protection of the environment and one’s well-being.

2. Brands Offering Men’s Bamboo Clothing

2.1. Royal Apparel

royalapparel men's bamboo clothing

+ Categories: Activewear, Accessories, Organic

+ From: United States

+ Price Range: $18-$50

+ Website:

The brand Royal Apparel has built a notable reputation in the market for men’s bamboo clothing. With a commitment to sustainability and quality, Royal Apparel has become a reliable destination for those seeking the blend of fashion and environmental consciousness.

Royal Apparel’s collection of men’s bamboo clothing is diverse and rich. From elegant shirts to durable and comfortable pants, Royal Apparel fulfills all the fashion needs of men. Particularly, the use of bamboo fabric provides a soft and breathable sensation, ensuring comfort in all situations.

The combination of quality and style is Royal Apparel’s strong suit. Their bamboo products not only assure abrasion resistance and long-lasting durability but also embody refined fashion. From simple designs to unique prints or patterns, Royal Apparel offers a versatile choice for men to express their personal style.

2.2. REI

REI - bamboo clothing men

+ Categories: Summer Clothing, Bottoms (pants, shorts), Socks

+ From: United States

+ Price Range: $24-$50

+ Website:

REI has long been known as a top destination for outdoor products and sports gear. However, they also offer a range of diverse and quality men’s bamboo clothing. With a commitment to durability and environmental respect, REI has garnered attention from those seeking bamboo clothing for men.

At REI, you’ll find a variety of popular men’s bamboo clothing, from breathable t-shirts to warm long pants. These products are designed not only to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts but also to provide comfort and style in all situations.

The shopping experience at REI is highly regarded for its professionalism and dedication of store staff. They are ready to advise and assist you in selecting suitable men’s bamboo clothing. Product quality is also a standout factor at REI, with bamboo-made products ensuring both comfort and durability.

2.3. Big Boy Bamboo

Big Boy Bamboo


+ From: Las Vegas, United States

+ Price Range: $43 – $129

+ Website:

Big Boy Bamboo is a unique and dedicated brand, specifically focusing on providing men’s bamboo clothing for larger builds. They understand that finding fitting clothing can be a challenge, and Big Boy Bamboo addresses this need by creating quality products with a tailored fit.

Big Boy Bamboo offers a range of diverse men’s bamboo clothing, from everyday t-shirts to sophisticated dress shirts. By using natural bamboo materials, these products not only ensure comfort but also highlight the wearer’s natural beauty.

Products from Big Boy Bamboo boast features like softness, breathability, and sweat absorption. This not only enhances wearer comfort in all situations but also maintains a dry sensation. Additionally, the emphasis on tailored fit along with the quality bamboo fabric brings confidence and style to larger-built men.

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2.4. Tasc Performance

Tasc Performance

+ Categories: Pants, Sleep

+ From:  United States

+ Price Range: ~ $38 – $118

+ Website:

Tasc Performance is a renowned brand in the realm of athletic and men’s bamboo clothing. They take pride in offering high-quality products, specially designed to meet the needs of men who are sports enthusiasts and have a passion for comfort from natural materials.

At Tasc Performance, you’ll experience a range of diverse men’s bamboo clothing. From t-shirts and shorts to jackets, all are crafted from natural bamboo materials, providing comfort and flexibility in every activity.

The synergy of bamboo materials and intelligent design at Tasc Performance has yielded men’s bamboo clothing products with exceptional performance. These not only instill confidence in your sporting activities but also assure comfort and long-term durability.

2.5. Meta Bamboo

Men's Bamboo Clothing Meta Bamboo

+ Categories: T-shirts, underwear, Leggings, Boxershorts

+ From: Slovenia

+ Price Range: $28 – $85

+ Website:

Meta Bamboo is a reputable brand in the realm of men’s bamboo clothing. With a diverse catalog, they provide high-quality men’s bamboo clothing products, from t-shirts to pants, jackets, and various other attire.

Men’s bamboo clothing products at Meta Bamboo are more than just fashion statements; they represent comfort and sustainability. With natural bamboo materials, these products are not only smooth but also possess excellent moisture-wicking capabilities, keeping you dry and comfortable.

The distinctiveness and uniqueness of men’s bamboo clothing at Meta Bamboo lie in how they fuse fashion design and sustainability. These products not only offer youthful style but also demonstrate care for the environment and the community.

2.6. Bamigo

Bamigo-Men's Bamboo Clothing

+ Categories: undershirts, underwear, Polos, T-shirts, Pyjamas, Socks, Loungewear

+ From: Netherlands

+ Price Range: $25 – $80

+ Website:

Bamigo is a trusted brand in the realm of bamboo clothing, particularly in the realm of undergarments. They understand the pivotal role undergarments play in a man’s daily comfort and have leveraged the advantages of bamboo materials to create quality and practical products.

Bamigo offers a variety of undergarments and men’s bamboo clothing, from underwear to shirts and pants. These products not only ensure comfort but also provide a soft and gentle feel against the skin.

Bamigo’s bamboo products stand out with superior quality and maximum comfort. Natural bamboo material aids in efficient moisture absorption, maintaining a dry and comfortable sensation throughout the day. Moreover, the emphasis on intricate design details and meticulous tailoring ensures that you’ll exude confidence in every situation.

2.7. Macy’s

+ Categories: Underwear, T-shirts

+ From: United States

+ Price Range: $20 – $80

+ Website:

Macy’s stands as one of the prominent names in the commerce and fashion industry in the United States. Renowned for its diverse product catalog, including men’s bamboo clothing, Macy’s commitment to providing varied and rich choices for consumers is evident.

At Macy’s, you’ll easily discover renowned and favored men’s bamboo clothing brands. These brands not only ensure quality but also offer a variety of styles, from sophisticated dress shirts to dynamic athletic shorts, all crafted from beautiful and comfortable bamboo materials.

Macy’s is known for its comfortable shopping environment and professional service. Searching for and selecting men’s bamboo clothing at Macy’s becomes effortless and enjoyable. Their customer service is readily available to assist and cater to your needs, ensuring you have the best shopping experience.

2.8. Bamboo Village Australia

source Bamboo Village Australia

+ Categories: Shirts & Tops, Pants & Shorts, Sleepwear, Underwear

+ From: Australia

+ Price Range: $20 – $66

+ Website:

Bamboo Village Australia stands out as a noteworthy destination for those seeking men’s bamboo clothing in Australia. With a vision of blending style and sustainability seamlessly, they offer a range of unique and appealing men’s bamboo fashion products.

At Bamboo Village Australia, you’ll find a diverse collection of men’s bamboo fashion products. From sophisticated dress shirts to athletic shorts, all are made from high-quality bamboo materials. Their creativity and diversity in design make each piece unique and suitable for various styles.

Bamboo Village Australia not only focuses on providing high-quality men’s bamboo fashion products but also emphasizes creating outfits that showcase distinct style. The bamboo material offers a soft and comfortable feel, while the unique designs create an impressive look for the wearer.

2.9. Bombay Trooper

+ Categories: Bamboo fiber shirts

+ Website:

Bombay Trooper is a men’s bamboo clothing brand with a positive impact on the environment. They not only create high-quality products but also prioritize sustainability and environmental protection. The use of natural bamboo material is a significant step in minimizing negative ecological impacts.

Men’s bamboo clothing products at Bombay Trooper are not just visually appealing; they also convey a strong message of sustainability. From simple t-shirts to more intricate ensembles, each product reflects the brand’s commitment to environmental protection and the promotion of sustainability.

Men’s bamboo clothing products at Bombay Trooper carry meaning beyond the environment; they also deliver top-notch quality and style. The bamboo material provides a smooth and comfortable sensation while also showcasing innovation and creativity in design.

2.10. ONNO


+ Categories: ONNOcell Bamboo, Original Bamboo

+ From: United States

+ Price Range: ~ $38

+ Website:

ONNO is a men’s bamboo clothing brand with a mission to respect and utilize natural materials in its production. Firmly believing in the value of nature, ONNO demonstrates its alignment with natural resource utilization by crafting eco-friendly men’s bamboo fashion products.

ONNO offers a diverse and extensive range of men’s bamboo clothing products. From t-shirts, dress shirts, to sweaters and pants, each product is meticulously crafted with high-quality bamboo material.

Men’s bamboo clothing from ONNO isn’t just visually appealing but also showcases environmental consciousness. Produced from natural materials and sustainable manufacturing processes, these products help minimize negative ecological impact. The quality of ONNO’s bamboo clothing is also ensured, providing comfort and confidence for the wearer.

2.11. Eco Essentials

Men's Bamboo Clothing Eco Essentials

+ Categories: Pants/shorts, T-shirts, Golf Shirts

+ From: Canada

+ Price Range: $CAN: 34 – 66

+ Website:

Eco Essentials is a men’s bamboo clothing brand with a strong commitment to sustainable abundance. This brand doesn’t just create high-quality fashion products, but also places respect for the environment at the core of every production decision.

Eco Essentials offers a diverse and premium range of men’s bamboo clothing products. From t-shirts, dress shirts, pants, to accessories, each product is crafted with natural bamboo material and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Choosing men’s bamboo fashion from Eco Essentials not only showcases personal aesthetics but also reflects the importance of supporting and promoting sustainable fashion. Your unique style and confidence will be exemplified through the selection of products that hold meaning for the environment.

3. Conclusion

In this article, we have explored the top 11 leading brands selling men’s bamboo clothing, each brand bringing uniqueness and a commitment to sustainable fashion. From stylish products to environmental focus, each brand has demonstrated care and innovative spirit in creating quality men’s bamboo fashion products.

Choosing bamboo-based products not only brings beauty and style but also signifies acceptance and promotion of a sustainable lifestyle. The use of this fabric not only reduces adverse environmental impacts but also fosters favorable conditions for the growth of the sustainable fashion industry.

If you are seeking a reliable source of quality bamboo fabric for manufacturing clothing for men, women, and children, consider reputable suppliers in the market like WELL FABRIC.

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