Our Story

Our journey began in April 2011. In the beginning, we were the only start-up textiles company in Vietnam going sustainable and struggling to stick with the original aim since sustainability concept was still quite new in Vietnam back then. Nonetheless, with persistence and dedication, we eventually overcame the challenges then grew to become one of the strongest sustainable textile company in Vietnam. We have this prosperity thanks to our founder, Mr. Dave Quach, whom had the experience of living, studying and working in New Zealand for more than 10 years. Mr. Quach values the harmony between nature and society. In addition, having a family with a long history in the textile industry, he received countless support in the field. Moreover, we are honoured to notice the possibilities of sustainable textiles along with the advantages they would bring to the world. Thus, we are passionate to make its available to everyone.

Bao Lan Textiles Co., ltd kicked off with eco yarn division called Greenyarn in 2012, which aimed to focus in developing, distributing eco yarn in Vietnam. Then in 2017 our fabric division bowed to take shape, initially W.ELL-Fabric started in January 2019. During June 2019, we introduced our first sustainable fabric collection consisted of recycled fabric, organic fabric, bamboo fabric, fancy fabric and special fabric. In October 2019, we were proud to get invited to the Raw-Assembly Exhibition in Melbourne Australia to attend as exhibitors bringing a showcase of our made from Vietnam sustainable fabric.

How we work

W.ELL Fabric is Bao Lan Textiles Co., Ltd fabric division which operates independently from Bao Lan. W.ELL Fabric’s purpose is to make sustainable fabric which is exciting, enjoyable, functional and easy to access at a reasonable price for everyone. Our works include researching, developing and bulk-producing sustainable fabric. After production, our goods are shipped to various locations around the world which makes it easier for local businesses to purchase.

For ready stock.

Customer sample

  • Receive customer’s request & fabric sample
  • Give out price quote and delivery schedule
  • After confirmation, drape contract and send lap-dip
  • After confirm signing contract, customer pays deposit
  • Start the production and keep customer update on the process
  • Send customer finish sample for confirmation
  • After confirmation, customer pays the final amount then the goods will be delivered according to the agreed contract

Ready good

  • Select fabric type
  • Request for sample if needed
  • State out request; finish, colour, amount
  • Confirm the order
  • Transfer deposit

Our Team


W.ELL Fabric objective is to make sustainable fabric exciting and fun, along with bringing it’s to everyone everywhere. We provide ODM, OEM and OBM service as well as ready goods for small minimum purchase. We start by selecting the best and verify yarn, than we knit or woven into the desire fabric specification.

W.ELL Fabric ambition is to open office everywhere around the world to sale sustainable fabric to everyone with the Wow experience. Also where ever we open our office we will search for reliable environmental groups and dedicate to contribute 40% of our annual profit for fighting climate change and protect the environment. At W.ELL Fabric We currently capable of produce:

Knitting fabric      Woven fabric      Dyeing option      Finishing option

We believed that sustainable fashion is one of the keys for the sustainable future where we can live eat, dress, build, and growth harmony together with the environment. We want to take part in provide the sources for the key open the door of sustainable fashion and bring us closer to a sustainable future.

We plan to carry out our vision by open business everywhere around the world to provide the best sustainable fabrics with the Wow experience to everyone. Furthermore we will introduce new fabric made from new sustainable material every year and try out new method to lower environmental cost as well as join the local NPO environmental groups to contribute 40% of our profit for fighting climate change, protect the environment and embrace the local heritage.