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Today, consumers, especially the younger generation, are changing their shopping habits and prefer fashion products made from environmentally friendly materials with vibrant colors. In response to this demand, AB Siro fabric has emerged with outstanding quality and a wide range of colors, creating unique fashion designs that young people adore. Let's explore the details of AB Siro fabric with WELL Fabric through the article below!

1. What is AB Siro Fabric?

With the advancement of modern textile technology, basic fiber types have undergone significant improvements, creating differences in fabric structure.

AB Siro fabric can be seen as a faux fabric with a dual effect, made from two fiber strips. These two fiber strips can be combined from the same type of fiber or two different types of fibers (referred to as fiber A and fiber B) with different colors. They then go through the process of spinning with the Siro technology to create AB Siro fabric with a unique color effect. There are several options for types of fibers used to create AB Siro fabric, such as:

  • Fiber A and Fiber B of the same composition (e.g., 100% cotton), and the “AB Siro” effect is achieved by combining different colors of the fiber strips and spinning them using Siro technology.
  • Fiber A and Fiber B with different compositions (e.g., cotton and polyester). Depending on the intended use, AB Siro fiber can be dyed before spinning or after the fabric has been woven. In this case, a variety of color effects will be created from two fibers with different dye-absorbing capabilities.

Siro spinning is a dual yarn-spinning technology, formed from two tightly twisted single yarns. Yarns produced using Siro spinning have a tight structure and higher elasticity compared to conventional ring-spun yarns, and they are less prone to fuzzing than the usual yarn spinning process.

2. The Process of Producing AB Siro Fabric with Special Color Effects

AB Siro fabric is produced using Siro spinning technology, a dual yarn-spinning process that creates a uniform fabric from two fiber strips. Siro spinning technology is considered a significant advancement in the textile industry today. Fiber strips are fed into the yarn-spinning machine, stretched simultaneously, and then twisted together to form a dual yarn.

Dual AB Siro yarns achieve special color effects through one of the following methods:

  • Pre-dyeing fibers, post-weaving fabric: This method involves using two fiber strips with the same or different compositions and different colors to combine and spin into a uniform fabric with a color effect.
  • Weaving fabric first, post-dyeing: In this case, raw AB Siro yarn with two different fiber components, each with different dye-absorption properties, is woven into fabric and then subjected to a dyeing process. At this point, two yarns with different dye-absorption properties create a variety of unique color effects.

At WELL Fabric, AB Siro fibers are mainly made from 100% cotton, a natural and environmentally friendly material. AB Siro fibers inherit the characteristics of cotton fibers, including good moisture absorption, providing a cool and comfortable feeling when worn. Meanwhile, during the production process, measures are taken to minimize the use of harmful chemicals, reducing the impact on the environment.

3. Outstanding Features and Applications of AB Siro Fabric

  • AB Siro fibers have good strength and better elasticity than fibers spun by the conventional ring-spinning method.
  • They have excellent moisture-wicking properties, ensuring a dry and comfortable skin.
  • AB Siro fabric resists abrasion well and limits pilling after repeated use or washing.
  • AB Siro fibers have a long lifespan and can be washed with various chemicals and at different temperatures. Siro spinning technology enhances the longevity and life cycle of the fabric, clothing, and reduces harmful impact on the environment.
  • AB Siro fabric maintains its shape better than fabric made from regular cotton fibers. The fabric's surface is smooth, providing a cool and comfortable feel when in contact with the skin.
  • High colourfastness: the most outstanding property of AB Siro

4. Evaluating the Quality of AB Siro Fiber

High-quality AB Siro fiber has a unique and beautiful color effect while still retaining the outstanding characteristics of dual-spun fibers produced using Siro spinning technology. The tight dual-spun fiber structure helps the finished fabric maintain its shape, resist pilling, and avoid fuzzing. High-quality AB Siro fiber ensures yarn stand and durability while retaining softness and comfort.

5. Where to Buy High-Quality AB Siro Fabric?

To ensure the quality and sustainability of AB Siro fabric, customers can purchase products from reliable suppliers. WELL Fabric is a renowned company in the Asian region, specializing in providing high-quality sustainable AB Siro fabric with a wide range of designs and styles for both domestic and international markets, including the United States, Canada, and Europe.

WELL Fabric offers:

  • Strong R&D capabilities to customize fabrics based on customer requirements, including composition, weaving styles, and combinations with other types of fabrics.
  • Certifications such as GOTs (Global Organic Textile Standard), GRS (Global Recycled Standard), UVYarnTech Tag, and OEKO-TEX.
  • A wide range of AB Siro fabric options to cater to diverse customer needs, from small quantity orders (1 meter or 1 kilogram) to larger bulk orders.
  • Competitive pricing for wholesale AB Siro fabric.
  • Recognition as one of the top fabric suppliers in the region.

By choosing WELL Fabric as your supplier, you can be assured of high-quality AB Siro fabric products that meet your specific requirements. Whether you are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics or vibrant color options, WELL Fabric has a wide selection to cater to your needs.

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