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WELL FABRIC is a supplier of coffee fabric for both the domestic and international markets, including the Americas and Europe. Below are some available products of coffee fiber fabrics in stock, meeting all “Minimum Order Quantity” (MOQ) requirements.

If you cannot find the exact fabric product you desire, we can design it for you. Our team of technicians has over 10 years of experience and is ready to create environmentally friendly fabric products tailored to your needs.

Please refer to the product lines below for more information!

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As a fashion and coffee lover, have you ever heard of coffee fiber fabric? If you think coffee grounds are just “waste,” then you are mistaken. Did you know that coffee grounds can be used to produce fabric for the textile industry? Let’s explore the unique characteristics of this coffee fabric together with WELL FABRIC!

1. Understanding coffee fabric

1.1. What is coffee fabric?

Coffee fabric is the perfect result of using recycled coffee grounds combined with discarded PET plastic bottles. The coffee grounds are finely ground into powder and then mixed with other ingredients to convert them from powder form into fibers. Finally, they are used to create high-quality coffee fiber fabric.

1.2. Origin

Origin coffee fabric Singtex

12 years ago, Singtex CEO Jason Chen and his wife, Amy Lai, had a special experience at a coffee shop when a customer asked to take home used coffee grounds to use as a natural odor absorber. At that moment, Amy Lai jokingly said that the customer used coffee grounds to eliminate the “bad” odor on his body.

From a simple joke, a business idea emerged in Chen’s mind. Jason Chen collaborated with scientists and researchers for 4 years to develop fibers from coffee grounds. The result was the launch of the S.Café coffee fabric product line, which has since experienced significant growth.

1.3. Environmental friendliness

With a composition of approximately 5% recycled coffee grounds and 95% recycled PET, S.Café fibers and coffee fabric have become a popular choice. Made from natural coffee grounds, coffee fiber fabric not only helps reduce waste and protect the environment but is also safe for human health. In the context of climate change causing severe consequences, environmental conservation has become a top priority, including in the fashion production sector. With coffee fiber fabric, fashion enthusiasts can confidently express their personal style without worrying about the origin and quality of the materials used.

2. How is fabric made from coffee grounds?

  1. Step 1: Coffee beans undergo high-temperature roasting (around 200°C).
  2. Step 2: After roasting, the coffee beans are finely ground into nano-sized powder, saving energy.
  3. Step 3: The coffee powder is mixed with a polymer to create a homogeneous mixture, which is a basic step in the fiber production process.
  4. Step 4: The coffee powder is coated onto the polymer fibers and then sealed to create the special functional properties of coffee fibers.
  5. Step 5: The finished coffee fibers are woven into large fabric sheets or rolled up for use as raw materials in the production process.

3. Advantages of coffee fabric

Highlights of coffee fabric

3.1. Excels in body odor control

The odor-absorbing property of coffee grounds is retained in the fabric, allowing coffee fabric to control odors three times better than regular fabric. Additionally, coffee fiber fabric is highly sweat-absorbent and effectively absorbs body odors, maintaining this advantage even after multiple washes or uses.

It is lightweight and exceptionally cool. Made from finely ground coffee beans, it creates a thin and lightweight fabric that is extremely durable. With its special structure, coffee fiber fabric reduces heat by 1-2°C compared to other fabrics, providing a refreshing and comfortable feeling for the wearer.

3.2. Water repellent and quick-drying

With its fast moisture-wicking ability, coffee fiber fabric dries 1.88 times faster than regular cotton fabric. The quick-drying coffee fabric ensures a breathable and comfortable experience during daily activities.

3.3. Provides UV protection

With advanced production technology and pigments derived from coffee grounds, coffee fabric has the ability to reflect and block UV rays, protecting the skin from harmful UVA and UVB radiation.

With these advantages, coffee fiber fabric not only boasts an attractive appearance but also provides body protection. This undoubtedly attracts the trust of customers.

4. Applications

Applications coffee fabric

Coffee fabric has revolutionized the textile industry and finds diverse applications. Thanks to its unique properties, It is a top choice in the following fields:

+ Fashion: With its distinctive appearance and modern appeal, coffee fabric is used to create fashion products such as shirts, jackets, pants, dresses, and more. Combining aesthetics and durability, coffee fabric offers comfort and style to the wearer.

+ Home furnishings: Coffee fabric is also applied in the production of furniture, including sofas, curtains, and tablecloths. With its high durability and water resistance, it protects furniture from stains and environmental damage.

+ Personal accessories: Coffee fabric is used in the manufacturing of personal accessories such as handbags, briefcases, wallets, hats, and gloves. Its natural odor resistance helps prevent unpleasant smells and provides a clean feeling.

+ Sportswear: Coffee fabric is also utilized in the sports industry. With its odor resistance and breathability, it is used to produce sportswear, T-shirts, and hoodies.

+ Other applications: In addition, coffee fabric finds use in various other areas, including the production of hats, sleeping bags, protective clothing, building materials, and more. With its unique features and eco-friendliness, coffee fabric demonstrates versatility and potential across different sectors.

5. Future development potential

On a global scale (US, EU, ASIA…)

According to statistical data, approximately 100 tons of coffee fiber fabric are produced monthly to supply renowned fashion brands worldwide such as Puma, Nike, Hugo Boss, and others.

The trust and choice of these world-famous fashion brands present an excellent opportunity for the continuous improvement and development of the coffee fabric manufacturing industry.

For the domestic market

With a large scale of coffee cultivation and production, the production of coffee fabric is predicted to become a potential industry in the future of the textile and garment sector in Vietnam.

6. Supplier of high-quality coffee fabric for the US-EU Market

WELL FABRIC – A provider of high-quality coffee fabric – takes pride in possessing reputable certifications for quality and environmental protection.

  1. With certifications such as OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Global Recycled Standard (GRS), WELL FABRIC is committed to meeting the highest standards in coffee fabric production.
  2. In particular, WELL FABRIC’s strength lies in continuous research and development (R&D). Their experienced and highly skilled team of technicians constantly seeks innovations and applies advanced technologies to create superior-quality coffee fabric.
  3. With a flexible Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) policy, WELL FABRIC understands and meets the needs of business partners with flexible order quantities, from small to large orders. This helps partners save costs and optimize the production process.
  4. Furthermore, WELL FABRIC ensures that the inventory is always available, meeting the urgent demands of customers. This ensures flexibility and reliability in providing high-quality coffee fabric, helping customers save time and optimize the production process.

Certificate GOTS GRS Oekotex Bao Lan textiles

With a reputation for quality and dedication in each product, WELL FABRIC is an ideal partner for businesses looking to use high-quality coffee fabric while protecting the environment. Contact: +84857902535 or email:

7. FAQs

How durable is coffee fabric?

Coffee fabric is highly durable, and you can rest assured when washing or treating clothes made from this fabric. It also maintains the garment’s shape very well. Whether you vigorously wring or machine wash the clothing, it retains its shape like new.

Are there any disadvantages of coffee fabric?

Currently, coffee fiber fabric does not have significant disadvantages. It possesses numerous advantages, and you can confidently purchase and use products made from this fabric.

What is the cost of coffee fabric?

Clothing made from coffee fiber fabric does not have excessively high prices while contributing to environmental protection. You can purchase beautiful garments at reasonable prices. “Drink coffee, dress coffee” will be the Green fashion trend of the future.

These are the valuable pieces of information about coffee fabric that we want to share with you. Let’s join hands in protecting the environment through small actions because it is our responsibility. Using clothing made from recycled fabric is a simple yet effective way, isn’t it? Let’s take action together and create a more sustainable and greener future.

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