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Fashion Rob My Future Talk Show

For some of us hanging out with like minded people is fun even if the topic is a bit dry like sustainability in the textile industry. This Friday evening in Ho Chi Minh City there will be a fashion sustainability talk show hosted by W.ell Fabric. Over 100 people have bought tickets to hear three industry experts talk about sustainable apparel production methods as well as products they are using like organic dyes and biodegradable polybags. Textile sustainability networking in Vietnam is gaining popularity. If […]

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Conscious consumption

Knowing what you buy and choose it’s wisely, because sustainable lifestyle can be very simple its can be just a matter of choice. Also when more consumer choose sustainable products than more supplier switch to sustainable


Conscious disposal

Careful disposal is vital for the environment, as there are many harmful material not only damage to the ecosystem but also harming to our live.


Conscious sourcing

Understand and verify and choose only sustainable material for production can save a lot environmental issue. Whereas the cost to the environment out weight any cost because it is directly affecting our future


Conscious production

Produce with responsibility and knowledge, understand that our product come with a cost to the environment. Try hard and fight hard to cut down this cost and aiming for a fully environmentally friendly manufacture.


Conscious innovation

Invent with a cause, because making a better product is no longer enough. Innovator need to consider the environmental cause of their invention as well.