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Our Beginning

Wellfabric is Bao Lan Textiles Co., Ltd fabric division. We are one of Vietnam’s first sustainable textile wholesalers. We started in 2011 in Ho Chi Minh City. Wellfabric’s mission is to accelerate the growth of sustainable fashion by making eco fabric sexy, fun, easy to buy and affordable. Our strength is in fabric research and development. We work closely with fabric engineers and universities to innovate and produce new Eco fabric every year.

We know that we are not perfect. We aim to minimize our carbon footprint and preserve the environment as best as we can. Nevertheless, we keep on innovating, improving and changing so that we can one day be fully sustainable. Meanwhile we will offset our carbon footprint by doing more social work and contribute to the environmental NPOs (none profit organisations) based in Vietnam.

Our Quantities

We sell eco fabric in small quantities to help fashion designers and brands get started with their first collection. We also produce Eco fabric in large quantities to lower costs and support brands to scale up.

Our Eco fabric is divided into 5 eco fabric collections: Organic fabric collection, Recycle fabric collection, Cellulose fabrics collection, Special fabric collection, Fancy fabric collection.

Our Vision

We envision a future where people can easily choose a green lifestyle that is in harmony with nature. We envision a future that includes products that sustain the green lifestyle and can be bought easily everywhere and affordably.

Our Mission

Make sustainable fabric accessible, affordable, sexy and fun to accelerate the growth of sustainable fashion.

Our Principles

Wisdom: seeking wisdom to know what is right and wrong.
Integrity: choosing to do what is right over personal gain.
Truthful: being truthful, gentle and fearless.
Committed: commit to and focus on important goals.
Accountability: making and keeping our word and being responsible for outcomes.

Our business philosophy

Our business philosophy is to innovate and grow sustainably and bring value to our customers, benefiting society and the environment


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Our Heritage

Wellfabric exists thanks to the founder’s parents and to his experience in New Zealand. The founder’s name is Dave Quach and here is how he tells his story. “I was born in 1983 in District 5 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. District 5 is the home of a famous wholesale market called Cho Lon which means Big Market. My mom was a fabric wholesaler in District 5 towards the end of the Vietnam War. Back then the business was more about sustaining the family income as opposed to sustaining the environment. Thanks to my parent’s struggles and successes I was able to follow their footsteps and started Bao Lan Textiles in 2011. At first, I had no idea what kind of business I should do. I just knew that the business had to be unique and sustainable. So I choose to open up a business that specialized in supplying sustainable fabric in Vietnam. At the time it seemed crazy because there wasn’t a market for Eco fabrics yet. I found myself disagreeing with my own direction too many times, but my parents taught me to pursue a career that I enjoy and don’t give up if I face significant challenges. I stayed the course. I love promoting Eco fabric even though I have faced many challenges. So far I have managed to maintain my sustainable fabric wholesaler in Vietnam business.”

Our First Brand Greenyarn

After my first company Bao Lan Textiles Co., Ltd was started, we introduced Greenyarn as our first branded product. Greenyarn sells eco friendly yarns that have a sustainable story. Greenyarn specializes in researching, sourcing, developing and distributing melange, recycled and organic yarns. This was the precursor to me becoming a sustainable fabric wholesaler in Vietnam.

Greenyarn clients are fabric manufacturers and fashion brands. Our clients either convert the yarn into fabric and wholesale it or use it for their own production. We manage the importing, warehousing and development of new products. We offer small quantities thanks to the good relationships we have with sustainable yarn suppliers all around South East Asia. All our experience selling yarn gave us confidence to become a sustainable fabric wholesaler in Vietnam.

From Yarn to Fabric

Once the yarn business was stable, we moved a step further by opening a fabric division and called it Wellfabric. The goal was to develop and sell sustainable fabrics. We had this idea due to many complaints from customers. They said that sustainable fabric is too expansive, difficult to find and lacked variety. Transitioning from yarn to fabric was a natural progression that encouraged us to grow our network of textile experts. We reached out to universities, fabric engineers, fabric knitters, weavers and dyers to unite and promote sustainable fabrics in Vietnam.

This is how we became a sustainable fabric wholesaler in Vietnam. Most of our yarn comes from our own supply chains but occasionally we buy yarn from suppliers outside of our partner network. Using our own supply of Greenyarn allows us to control the cost and quality of WellFabric. We aim to be a reliable sustainable fabric wholesaler in Vietnam and work hard to accelerate the growth of sustainable fashion.

Well stands for Wearable for Environment Loving Lifestyle Fabric. This is the meaning behind our brand of Eco fabrics. Love the environment and wear clothes that are made by people who respect the environment. We make sustainable fabric accessible, feasible and fun for fashion brands and designers producing in Vietnam. This is our sustainable fabric wholesaler in Vietnam mission. There must be an alternative to conventional fabrics in Vietnam. By developing and selling fabrics that have an Eco story we serve Eco brands and support eco minded suppliers.

W.ELL Fabric


We vow to consciously operating our business and try our best to lower the environmental impact.


We promise to carry out our 5 consciousness to sustainability.


We guarantee to treat everyone equally and say no to force labor and child labor.


We promise to pursue sustainability over profit.


We are developing a business model to include garment production. As Greenyarn and Wellfabric are growing we are seeing inquiries for Eco trims and accessories as well as full service garment production. This is the logical step after establishing ourselves as a sustainable fabric wholesaler in Vietnam. Our clients are asking for sustainable sources of buttons, zippers, polybags and labels.  Our team has started doing the research to identify certified suppliers to offer both complete garment production and supplying Eco trims and accessories. Work with us and get full service. Our goal as a sustainable fabric wholesaler in Vietnam is to serve all your needs.

Sustainable Fabric Wholesaler in Vietnam

Our Family Story

During the first two decades after the Vietnam war life was difficult for everyone. My family struggled but didn’t give up. At the time my mom longed for a new pair of pants but my grandparents wouldn’t buy them because there were more important things they needed. She made a deal with my grandfather to marry the groom of his choice in exchange for a pair of pants. She didn’t marry right away but got the fabric to make a pair of pants and she fell in love with the fabric. From that moment on she knew that she wanted to work in the fabric and clothing business. She started trading fabric back in 1979.

My mother eventually married another man, my dad, and they became experts at importing and trading fabrics. This was the beginning of our sustainable fabric wholesaler in Vietnam history.

Business in 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s

My parents bought fabric from Singapore in the 80’s, India in the 90’s and then from China starting in 2001. During these years my parents relied on their sixth sense to decide if a fabric was valuable or not. They did not have or know about technical specifications. They only knew what their customers liked and judged a fabric by its look and handfeel. My parents would rub the fabric against the inside of their elbow to gauge the quality. They knew if it was suitable for the Vietnam market and they knew what price to buy it at. Their fabric trading business grew year by year. They were becoming a sustainable fabric wholesaler in Vietnam.


My parents passed on their passion for fabric and business acumen to my younger brother and me. We are both working in the fabric business based in Ho Chi Minh city with a very strong network of factories all over South East Asia. I focus on Eco fabrics and my brother focuses on high end imported woven fabrics from China. How can we help you?

New Zealand Influence

I am thankful that my parents sent me to New Zealand for my education. I studied and worked in New Zealand for 10 years. New Zealand is a beautiful country with lots of fresh air, clean water, majestic mountains and green pastures. It was in New Zealand that I built my passion for travel and nature.Thanks to New Zealand I later became a sustainable fabric wholesaler in Vietnam. My experience in New Zealand steered me towards sustainability and wanting to make the world a better place everywhere.


Not only did I find my calling in New Zealand but I met my wife there too. We studied together at Massey University in Auckland. We now have two kids and travel back and forth between Vietnam and China where her family lives. My wife’s family is in the yarn spinning business which helped me jump start my sustainable fabric wholesaler in Vietnam career.

Our Capabilities

We offer the following knit structures: jersey, pique, french terry, fleece, jacquard, double jersey, bonding, interlock, rib and sweater. We offer the following woven structures: Dobby, Oxford, Cham Ray and water jet. Our sustainable fabric wholesaler in Vietnam team is constantly adding new options.  We stock the following knit fabrics: 100% Bamboo, 50%/50% Bamboo/Cotton and 100% Organic Cotton. Next year we plan to stock coffee fabric, recycled cotton, recycled TC and recycled CVC.

Knitting Capacity 46,000 Kg per Day
Woven Capacity 46,000 Kg per Day
Dyeing capacity 46,000 Kg per Day
Garment Dye capacity 46,000 Kg per Day
Printing capacity 15,000 Kg per Day

We want to be your sustainable fabric wholesaler in Vietnam. Let’s talk.

Our Coporate

We donate a ..% of our profit to environmentally concious NGOs

What is Fashion
Do Good?

Know what you buy and choose it’s wisely because a sustainable lifestyle can be very simple. It is a matter of choice. Also when more consumers choose sustainable products then more suppliers switch to sustainable.

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Chapter 2 – Eco influencers
Chapter 3 – Eco vs sustainability
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Chapter 5 – Why most fabrics are not Eco
Chapter 6 – How to check Eco
Chapter 7 – Advances in fabric dyeing
Chapter 8 – 6 Eco fabric wholesalers
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Chapter 10 – 3 Recycled polyester factories
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Chapter 15 – 12 Eco fabrics in 2019


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Conscious consumption

Knowing what you buy and choose it’s wisely, because sustainable lifestyle can be very simple its can be just a matter of choice. Also when more consumer choose sustainable products than more supplier switch to sustainable


Conscious disposal

Careful disposal is vital for the environment, as there are many harmful material not only damage to the ecosystem but also harming to our live.


Conscious sourcing

Understand and verify and choose only sustainable material for production can save a lot environmental issue. Whereas the cost to the environment out weight any cost because it is directly affecting our future


Conscious production

Produce with responsibility and knowledge, understand that our product come with a cost to the environment. Try hard and fight hard to cut down this cost and aiming for a fully environmentally friendly manufacture.


Conscious innovation

Invent with a cause, because making a better product is no longer enough. Innovator need to consider the environmental cause of their invention as well.