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The Top 13 Bamboo Baby Clothes Brands

The Top 13 Bamboo Baby Clothing Brands

In today’s environmentally conscious era, bamboo baby clothes are becoming increasingly popular and beloved. With their super soft, breathable, and skin-friendly features, bamboo clothes not only ensure comfort for little ones but also contribute to a cleaner environment.

In the article “Top 13 Bamboo Baby Clothes Brands” below, we will explore reliable, adorable, and high-quality baby clothing brands. Let’s join WELL FABRIC to learn about these brands and find the perfect choices for our little angels!

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1. Benefits of Bamboo Baby Clothes

Benefits of Bamboo Baby Clothes

Bamboo baby clothes are gaining increasing attention from consumers due to their outstanding benefits.

1.1. Gentle on Sensitive Skin

Firstly, bamboo baby clothes are known for being gentle on the sensitive skin of infants and toddlers. With its soft and smooth fibers, bamboo clothes help prevent irritation and common skin reactions.

Additionally, bamboo baby clothes are a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, minimizing negative impacts on the environment compared to non-renewable resources. This aligns with the trend of environmental protection and contributes to building a sustainable future for the next generation.

With the significant advantages that bamboo baby clothes offer, it’s no wonder that more and more parents are interested in choosing these environmentally friendly garments for their little ones.

1.2. Stretchy Material for Cost Savings

Bamboo fabric’s stretchiness is truly amazing and can help you save a lot of expenses. It is said that children tend to outgrow their clothes quickly, and many families with small children have experienced this.

Initially, many people found it hard to believe that one-year-old toddlers could still fit into 3-6 month stretchy bamboo clothes. However, when their children reached the age of wearing regular clothes, they realized the true power of this type of clothing.

So, they decided to try some stretchy bamboo clothes for their little boys, and the result was truly remarkable! The baby wore 0-3 month-sized clothes for many months without any issues. The feeling of their child growing up without needing constant clothing changes was truly a wonderful experience.

Stretchy bamboo clothes not only save money on baby clothes but also ensure that children can move comfortably without any difficulties.

1.3. Resale and Recycling

Thanks to its recyclable and durable nature, bamboo baby clothes hold high value even after extended use. When your child has outgrown the perfectly fitting bamboo clothes, you can resell them to brands engaged in garment recycling. These pieces of bamboo fabric will then be transformed into new products and continue serving other little ones.

Reselling these items not only saves you money on new shopping but also maintains the continuous life cycle of bamboo fabric and protects the environment. Moreover, the garment recycling process presents an attractive business opportunity for brands, contributing to promoting sustainable development and aiming for a greener future.

2. Bamboo Baby Clothes Brands

2.1. Sweet Bamboo

Bamboo Baby Clothes Brands Sweet Bamboo

+Categories: Summer, Underwear, Loungewear, Dresses, Sport Shorts, Baby Blanket…

+For: Baby, Children

+From: Canada

+Price Range: $20-$50

Sweet Bamboo is all about uniqueness and eco-friendliness. Established in 2012 by Wendy Besio, a New York native, a designer, nutrition expert, and a mother of three!

After months of research, Wendy discovered and chose bamboo fabric. The brand proudly offers OEKO-TEX certified and lovingly-made products.

Luxurious bamboo baby clothes designed with your little one’s heart in mind. Sweet Bamboo’s clothing has a gentle touch on baby’s skin, naturally hypoallergenic, and boasts exceptional moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating features.

Contact Information:

Address: 1489 Poinsettia Ave., Suite 132, Vista, CA 92081


2.2. Free Birdees

Free Birdees

+Categories: Newborn, Baby Essentials, Pajama Sets, Sleep Sacks…

+For: Baby, Children, Adults (Men, Women)

+From: USA

+Price Range: $26-$50

+Free Birdees, a fashion venture that brings luxurious products to your little ones, was founded by none other than Kathy.

The story begins with Kathy’s genuine love for her two little ones, and her quest to find the softest natural fabric (bamboo fabric) as a perfect solution for her son’s severe eczema.

With its softness and excellent breathability, bamboo fabric became an indispensable companion for Kathy’s family. The bamboo viscose PJs she used provided a restful sleep for her two sons.

Free Birdees aims to introduce families with young children to the highest quality products made from soft bamboo viscose, along with unique designs.

As a family-run business, Free Birdees always listens and grows based on customer feedback, placing customer happiness as a top priority.


2.3. Milkbarnkids


Thanks to the creativity and passion of Stacy Phillips – the founder of Milkbarn, the brand has taken “bold leaps of adventure” to bring remarkable development, from hand-crafted bibs to a diverse and classy collection of baby clothes.

Every Milkbarn item is showcased through intricate illustrations, from vibrant patterns to charming pictures, creating a blend of children’s imagination and love.

With a desire to create amazing experiences and fuel kids’ imagination, Milkbarn continuously improves its products, including the focus on natural and sustainable materials like bamboo fabric.


2.4. Posh Peanut


“Posh Peanut,” an exquisite children’s boutique, emerged in early 2011 from the genuine creative passion of a woman. Driven by heartfelt love for children, children’s clothing, and a creative spark, Posh Peanut was born to deliver memorable experiences for little ones.

The founder of Posh Peanut is Fiona Sahakian – a wife, a mother of two sons, a daughter, and a sister. Once a successful hairstylist in Los Angeles, California for 12 years, Fiona decided on a complete shift to develop Posh Peanut, inspired by fantastic feedback and love from customers. Posh Peanut specializes in offering exceptional and adorable bamboo baby clothes, dedicated to providing attentive customer service.

Every product on the brand’s website undergoes careful inspection before shipping to ensure customers’ shopping satisfaction.


2.5. Bums and Roses

Bamboo Baby Clothes Brands bumsandroses

Bums and Roses is a unique and adorable brand of children’s clothing made from bamboo fabric, within my database. With creative and refined designs, Bums and Roses offer super soft and comfortable outfits for your little ones.

The brand not only emphasizes product quality but also values ethics and environmental protection. Bums and Roses are committed to using organic and eco-friendly materials to ensure safety and respect for children’s health.

From cute baby sleepwear to fashionable clothing for older kids, Bums and Roses bring diversity and distinctive styles to every family. Prioritizing quality and affection, Bums and Roses ensure your little darlings stay comfortable and confident in their Bums and Roses ensembles.


2.6. Kickee Pants


Kickee Pants is the first bamboo baby clothes company in the USA. Surprisingly, another big company has become a distributor for them.

They offer the most clothing options, not just sleepwear and loungewear. You can buy jackets, hats, dresses, or anything you desire from them. Notably, they even cater to pets.

Most Kickee Pants products are sized to fit babies. One annoying aspect of their customer service is that you have to pay the return shipping fee, so if something doesn’t work out, it can be frustrating – unless you order from their Amazon store.


2.7. Kate Quinn Organics


Kate Quinn Organics is a top-quality boho fashion brand on the market. Their products are made in India, not China, and offer the most attractive prices.

They use 100% organic cotton, modal, and bamboo to ensure excellent quality and value compared to other similar products.

Kate Quinn Organics offers enticing deals, helping you save costs through cashback. Additionally, for every purchase of $250, you’ll be invited to a discount store where you can get surprise bags at incredibly appealing prices.

The brand’s distinctive feature lies in its diverse and boho-style designs with soft, gentle color palettes. Kate Quinn Organics products cater not only to baby boys and girls but also focus on practicality and comfort. The quality and durability of the products vary based on the material used in each launch.


2.8. Angel Dear – bamboo baby clothes


Angel Dear is a brand that provides super-soft sleepwear and baby room decor products made from bamboo and muslin fabrics.

You can easily find Angel Dear products on Zulily at attractive prices, so don’t forget to sign up for updates from this website.

Overall, Angel Dear receives high praise for its quality, with minimal chances of fuzziness. However, some people prefer the brand to have fewer animated patterns to avoid details getting lost in the background.

Also, it’s important to note that the sizes of their products are inconsistent, depending on each type. Some bodysuit models run true to size, while footies are at least one or two sizes larger and lack anti-slip soles.

With a combination of excellent quality and product diversity, Angel Dear is a brand worth considering when looking for baby sleepwear and nursery decorations.


2.9. Little Sleepies

Bamboo Baby Clothes Brands littlesleepies

Little Sleepies is a highly popular brand offering super-soft sleepwear and nursery decor products made from bamboo and muslin fabrics. They sell online and in many fashion stores.

Little Sleepies’ product quality is very good, with minimal pilling. They offer numerous trendy and adorable designs.

However, the product sizes are inconsistent. The sleepwear sets tend to run larger, especially the rompers, so careful consideration is advised before making a purchase.


2.10. Hanna Andersson – bamboo baby clothes

hannaandersson bamboo clothing baby

+ Category: Essentials, knitwear, sleepwear, undergarments, loungewear, swimwear, activewear, outerwear, bags, footwear, accessories

+ For: Women, children, toddlers, infants

+ From: Portland, Oregon, United States

+ Principles: Organic, inclusivity

+ Price Range: $10-$30

Hanna Andersson is a children’s fashion brand that offers unique, adorable, and affordable clothing made from bamboo fabric.

This ethical fashion brand delivers high-quality, durable, and soft clothing and accessories for infants, toddlers, and children.

Founded in 1983 in Portland, Oregon, by Gun Denhart, Hanna Andersson continues its heritage of providing excellent bamboo fabric fashion. We are committed to bringing Scandinavian happiness and design to each outfit for your beloved little ones.


2.11. Lucy & Leo

lucyandle best bamboo baby clothes

+ Category: Essentials, undergarments, sleepwear, loungewear, accessories

+ For: Children, toddlers, infants

+ From: NYC, New York, United States

+ Principles: Organic, philanthropic, proudly made in the USA

+ Price Range: $30-$50

Lucy & Leo is a sustainable children’s clothing brand specializing in producing super-soft bamboo clothing in the USA. The brand is based on principles of authenticity, transparency, and trust, in New York.

Lucy & Leo’s children’s clothing is not only adorable but also affordable, ensuring safety and made from organic materials, produced in the USA.

Notably, all fabrics are dyed with eco-friendly and non-toxic dyes, ensuring safety for your little ones’ health.

Lucy & Leo is committed to giving back and practicing high social responsibility. They collaborate with local schools in Philadelphia and New York to educate children on the impact of sewing on the environment and the community, and donate finished products to local organizations helping disadvantaged children.

Lucy & Leo brings superior sustainable, reliable, and safe children’s clothing, making your little darlings comfortable and confident in their daily lives.


2.12. Parade – bamboo baby clothes

kidizen Parade - bamboo baby clothes

+ Category: Essentials, undergarments, sleepwear, loungewear, accessories

+ Target: Infants, toddlers

+ Origin: Canada

+ Ethics: Organic, Fair Trade

+ Price Range: $10-$30

“Parade” – a children’s clothing brand established in 2004, specializes in producing adorable and affordable bamboo clothing, inspired by new adventures.

The collection of “Parade” is ethically made in the beautiful Asian region, where organic fibers are grown without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals, ensuring the safety of toddlers.

Join “Parade” to care for and love your little ones with environmentally friendly and embracingly soft bamboo clothing.


2.13. Aster & Oak


+ Category: Essentials, knitwear, undergarments, sleepwear, loungewear, accessories

+ Target: Infants, toddlers, kids

+ Origin: Western Australia

+ Ethics: Organic

+ Price Range: $20-$60

Aster & Oak, inspired by Western Australia, presents a unique collection of children’s fashion, with soft, adorable, and reasonably priced bamboo clothes and muslin bedding, certified organic from cotton and bamboo.

The brand creates organic, safe, non-toxic, skin-friendly children’s clothing, with lively and captivating designs illustrated and colored with natural dyes.

The manufacturing process takes place in a clearly certified factory. The brand maintains complete control over each step to produce the most beautiful, soft, natural, stylish, and practical clothing line.


3. Tips for Buying Bamboo Baby Clothes

Choosing the Right Size

Firstly, select the appropriate size for your beloved little one. Typically, brands provide specific size charts to help you find the best fit for your child. If you have any doubts, thoroughly research the size information or seek advice from the salesperson to ensure your baby will be comfortable when wearing the clothes.

Washing and Care Instructions

Bamboo fabric is a natural and delicate material, so always follow the washing and care instructions for each product. Generally, bamboo fabric requires washing with cold water or at a gentle temperature and should not be treated with harsh detergents. To preserve the longevity of bamboo clothes, limit the use of a dryer and opt for outdoor drying.

Return and Exchange Policy

Before making a purchase, carefully check the store’s return and exchange policy. This will give you peace of mind while shopping and make it easy to return or exchange products if they don’t fit your child or encounter quality issues.

4. Final Thoughts

Bamboo baby clothes are becoming increasingly popular and are encouraged for the benefits and sustainability they offer. With natural and safe properties, bamboo fabric is an excellent choice for the health and development of young children.

However, selecting a reliable supplier of quality bamboo baby clothes can be a challenge for children’s clothing manufacturers. In this case, we introduce WELLFABIC, a leading supplier with many strengths.

+ WELLFABIC places a strong emphasis on research and development to bring superior baby clothing products.

+ Our high-quality bamboo fabric is fully certified with OKEO TEX and GOTS, ensuring safety and comfort for the skin.

+ Notably, WELLFABIC offers a diverse MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), making it easy for clothing manufacturers and local fashion brands to choose the appropriate fabric products for their business needs.

With high-quality standards and a commitment to sustainability, WELLFABIC truly is a reliable partner for children’s clothing suppliers. Choose WELLFABIC to provide safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly baby clothes!

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