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Explore the Top 11 Recycled Cotton Clothing Brands

Explore the Top Recycled Cotton Clothing Brands

The popularity of Recycled cotton clothing is spreading as a fresh and emerging trend, captivating the interest of fashion houses and consumers globally. This style not only contributes to environmental preservation but also offers cost-saving advantages in shopping.

In the forthcoming article, WELL Fabric presents a selection of Recycled cotton clothing brands and trustworthy sources for recycled fiber fabrics, enabling you to discover high-quality materials.

1. What is recycled cotton clothing?

What is recycled cotton clothing

According to the BBC, 92 million tons of fabric are wasted every year. This substantial clothing waste ends up in landfills, causing significant harm to our planet. Most people probably don’t consider choosing recycled clothing.

Recycled cotton clothing refers to products made from recycled cotton fabric, meaning they are created from old cotton sources or recycled cotton fibers from unused cotton products. This recycling process helps reduce cotton waste and utilize resources while minimizing environmental impact.

Recycled cotton clothing typically offers the same quality as garments made from pure cotton, with the added benefits of supporting sustainable development and environmental conservation.

Let’s continue exploring brands that offer clothing made from recycled cotton. Additionally, other recycled fabrics like recycled polyester are also utilized by many textile manufacturers.

2. Top Recycled Cotton Clothing Brands

2.1. Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley is a renowned brand known for its diverse range of handbags and fashion accessories. The brand has built a strong reputation based on the sophistication, innovation, and high quality of its products. A notable feature of Vera Bradley is its commitment to using recycled cotton fabric.

The brand emphasizes the use of recycled cotton to create fashion products with environmental consciousness. By using recycled cotton, Vera Bradley not only helps reduce waste and sustainably utilize resources but also contributes to carbon emission reduction and ecosystem protection.

Vera Bradley’s recycled cotton products not only offer excellent quality but also bring a unique and creative fashion style. With a combination of beautiful design and environmental focus, Vera Bradley becomes an ideal choice for fashion enthusiasts who care about environmental protection.


2.2. Huckberry – recycled cotton clothing brand


Huckberry is a famous brand that brings fantastic products and stories to its community. With the desire to inspire the next adventure, Huckberry introduces the Headlands line, made from recycled cotton fabric, especially suitable for the upcoming winter season. Starting with personal savings and strong passion, Huckberry has grown into a large community with over 1 million members.

The brand continuously seeks out the latest brands, gear, and stories to provide customers with the best adventure experiences. Huckberry has an experienced and talented team, including designers, editors, photographers, entrepreneurs, and gearheads. With a presence in three major US cities, Huckberry operates in Austin, TX, San Francisco, CA, and Columbus, OH.

This team is always eager to explore and adventure, creating amazing experiences, whether it’s during work hours or on the weekends.


2.3. H&M

H&M is a global fashion brand known for its fast-fashion model. However, H&M is currently transitioning and focusing on sustainable fashion development. They particularly emphasize the use of recycled cotton fabric in clothing production. With a commitment to sustainability and positive environmental impact, H&M has found ways to utilize recycled cotton fabric to minimize the impact of using new materials.

Recycled cotton fabric is made from discarded products, helping save resources and reduce waste during the manufacturing process. H&M aims to offer customers beautiful, high-quality fashion products that have a positive impact on the environment.

H&M is striving not only to change its production model but also to raise customer awareness about the importance of choosing sustainable fashion.

By promoting the use of recycled cotton fabric and other recycled materials, H&M hopes to contribute to creating a responsible fashion industry and making a positive change for the future of our planet.

2.4. Toad&Co


Toad&Co is a leading fashion brand with its main products being clothing made from sustainable fibers such as 100% cotton, recycled cotton, and Tencel. Starting as a woman in Colorado, Toad&Co has now expanded nationwide. Toad&Co takes pride in collaborating with the Planet Access Company and creating job opportunities for people with disabilities.

With a commitment to environmental protection, Toad&Co contributes to hundreds of environmental organizations and provides memorable nature experiences for everyone.

This is just part of Toad&Co’s journey, and the brand will continue its efforts to bring unique and quality products made from recycled cotton fabric.


2.5. Rapanui – recycled cotton clothing brand

Rapanui is a special clothing brand that embodies circularity and environmental protection. Every year, billions of new clothing items are produced, but at the same time, every second, a truckload of clothing is either burned or buried in landfills. From this waste, Rapanui finds inspiration to create new products by reusing and repurposing them. This is the principle of circular clothing – not only to protect the environment but also to create quality and safe products. Rapanui believes that if you own a damaged Rapanui product, you can return it to them.

Rapanui provides free return instructions and offers a special discount for your next purchase as a thank you for returning the materials. This is a concept of circular fashion, where the best ending is no ending at all. Rapanui is a brand with a humanitarian, environmentally friendly, and community-oriented approach.


2.6. Bébénca Organics

Bébénca Organics is an organic children’s clothing brand with a primary focus on clothing made from recycled cotton fabric. The brand was founded with a commitment to sustainability and conscious living for everyone. Bébénca pledges to create fashionable outfits for children using recycled cotton material, providing safety and quality for your little ones.

By choosing Bébénca, you not only contribute to sustainability but also benefit from responsibly made, high-quality fashion products that are environmentally conscious.

2.7. prAna – recycled cotton clothing brand

prAna - recycled cotton clothing brand

prAna is a leading brand famous for using recycled cotton fabric to create unique clothing products. With the use of recycled nylon, polyester, and cotton, prAna is dedicated to producing sustainable clothing suitable for travel, outdoor activities, and yoga. prAna’s products not only offer comfort and quality but also contribute to environmental protection and waste reduction. Website:

2.8. Re/Done

Re/Done is a vintage clothing company catering to both men and women. You can explore their classic pieces and wide-cut T-shirts made from 50% recycled polyester and recycled cotton. Another aspect that sets this brand apart is their process of deconstructing jeans and repurposing them.


2.9. Ecoalf


Ecoalf is a pioneering sustainable fashion brand based in Spain. They are committed to creating high-quality clothing from recycled fabrics. With Ecoalf, you can find T-shirts, jackets, sweaters, and various other garments made from recycled cotton fabric. This brand not only offers style and utility for the wearer but also contributes to waste reduction and environmental protection. Website:

2.10. Mara Hoffman – recycled cotton clothing brand

Mara Hoffman is a special fashion brand known for producing swimwear from recycled nylon or recycled polyester. Specifically, their everyday garments are made from recycled cotton fabric. Mara Hoffman is committed to producing all their products ethically, contributing to a more sustainable world. By using recycled cotton fabric, this brand not only brings style and quality to the wearer but also demonstrates a commitment to waste reduction and environmental protection.


2.11. Picture Organic Clothing

Picture Organic Clothing is a unique brand specializing in sports and outdoor clothing. They use recycled cotton fabric to create some of their garments. Picture Organic Clothing is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products while contributing to environmental protection through the use of recycled fabric. By choosing Picture Organic Clothing’s products, you not only enjoy style and comfort during sports and outdoor activities but also play a role in waste reduction and support sustainable development.


3. Wholesale Suppliers of Recycled Cotton Fabric

Wholesale Suppliers of Recycled Cotton Fabric

WELL Fabric is a reliable and reputable destination when looking for wholesale suppliers of recycled cotton fabric. With a commitment to quality and durability, WELL Fabric offers a range of high-quality recycled cotton fabric options to meet the needs of environmentally-friendly clothing production. With a focus on sustainable development, WELL Fabric is an ideal partner for brands and manufacturers who are concerned about using recycled fabric.

With WELL Fabric, you can have peace of mind regarding the origin and quality of your products while actively contributing to the construction of a sustainable fashion industry and environmental care. The company also provides various natural fabric options suitable for sustainable fashion trends, such as bamboo fabric, Tencel fabric, regular cotton fabric – 100% cotton – Supima cotton, and more.

4. Conclusion

In a world increasingly aware of the importance of environmental protection, recycled cotton clothing has emerged as a notable fashion trend. Using clothing made from recycled cotton fabric not only helps reduce waste and resource consumption but also reflects our commitment to building a sustainable fashion industry. Through the article on “top recycled cotton clothing brands,” we have learned about many brands and have diverse and suitable choices for personal styles.

Additionally, you can further explore other sustainable fabric types such as 100% cotton, bamboo fabric, and more.

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