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Bao Lan Textile Welcomes Singapore Chinese Girl’s School BSP

Bao Lan Textile Welcomes Singapore Chinese Girl's School BSP

Today, we are delighted to welcome the delegation from Singapore Chinese Girl’s School (BSP) to visit us. This is a special occasion for us to share with the students about sustainable fashion and the eco-friendly materials that Bao Lan is researching and developing, such as Bamboo fiber, Organic Cotton, and Recycled fiber.

During the visit, the delegation had the opportunity to experience the process from raw materials to finished products. They also had discussions with Mr. Dave Quách, the Founder of Bảo Lân Textile, to learn about sustainable manufacturing technologies and processes.

We would like to express our gratitude to Singapore Chinese Girls’ School BSP for taking the time to visit us. We hope that this meeting will provide you with new experiences in the field of sustainable fashion, foster connections, and create opportunities for future collaboration.

We are always open to welcoming visiting groups and eager to share our knowledge and experiences with everyone.

Bao Lan textile - Singapore Chinese Girls’ School BSP

Mr Dave and student Mr Thuan is sharing for Singapore Chinese Girl

Singapore Chinese Girls' School and Bao Lan

wellfabric and SCGS

Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) – The Singapore Chinese Girls’ School has been committed to the development of women of character and practicality since its establishment in 1899.

Today, SCGS continues to provide a rich, balanced, and comprehensive education that maximizes the potential of each student, equipping them with values and competencies to make meaningful contributions to the community in a rapidly evolving world. The school nurtures each girl to become a precious gem, known as “Kim Gek” (gold and jade in Hokkien), embodying the purity and flexibility of gold alongside the beauty and strength of jade. SCGS hopes that the girls will live out the school values of Sincerity, Courage, Generosity, and Service, both during their time as students and as they face greater challenges and roles in life.

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